Cement Masons' Local 780


When workers organize with a Union, they gain the power to make themselves heard.

Welfare Fund

The Welfare Fund provides health coverage to our members. The Plan is funded through a collective bargaining agreement based upon contributions from obligated employers for each hour of covered employment work. was established by Cement Masons’ Local 780 and the Cement League.

Annuity Fund

The Annuity Plan was established as the result of the collective bargaining agreements between the employers and the Union. Employees do not contribute to the Plan. This plan is administered by a Board of Trustees consisting of an equal number of representatives of the Union and of the employers.

Pension Fund

The Pension Plan is administered by a Board of Trustees consisting of an equal number of representatives of the Union and of representatives of the employers.

Vacation Fund

If you work for an employer who, as a result of the collective bargaining agreement, has an obligation to make contributions on your behalf to the Cement Masons’ Local 780 Vacation Fund.

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Apprenticeship Fund

The boom in the construction industry has resulted in a severe shortage of labor. To alleviate the shortage, union apprentice programs have stepped up recruitment and enrollment.

Our Message

Pouring CementForming a union at your workplace gives you and your co-workers the power to stand up for your families, your futures and yourselves. Through a legal, binding contract it gives you a strong, collective voice with which to demand decent working conditions, with fair pay and benefits. Explaining the benefits of union membership to your fellow employees and assisting in planning an organizing drive. Once you and you co-workers become members, you choose your own contract negotiators and shop stewards. We develop contract language and proposals for negotiations. Local Union officers and business agents fight with you to win a fair, good-paying contract with job protection that you deserve.

We have earned our reputation for bargaining hard and demanding the best protections and wages. For a century solidarity has kept corporate America from holding the cards and calling all the shots. When you join, you put that history to work for you.


Safe Online Access to Your Data

With our Benefit Fund Portal you may securely access contribution and benefit data from your desktop computer, smartphone or tablet.  Use the links below to get started and for future access.

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